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Captain Ron & Yoshi Cafe - Corner-Cutting Menu








Yoshi作 お子様カレーっぽい Ronさんは見るなり爆笑でした^^j




It was Ron's day off yesterday.


We were supposed to go out to enjoy Fish & Chips in our neighborhood for his birthday, where they offers All You Can Eat on Mondays to Wednesdays. Unfortunately, Ron totally forgot the dating and was peacefully relaxed with his favorite alcohol. As he could not drive at that time, we have put off the date next week. I didn’t care the postponement at all, but he somehow gave me apologizes many times. I felt little sorry as the treat was just to let him happy..


As for our cooking, Ron hint me a corner-cutting recipe which just to warm a tin soup up with some frozen vegetables and cut hams and put it on mashed potato.

See the difference between the work with art sense and one with no sense..


Dish by Ron, Excellent!


Dish by Yoshi, How poor, just like a happy set for children.