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Captain Ron Cafe - Liver Stake








タマネギ マーガリン

ジャガイモ、牛乳、ニンニク 1片、マーガリン




  1. レバーを牛乳にひたし、20分以上置く
  2. タマネギをざく切りし、マーガリンで炒める(本当はもうちょっとあったほうがいい)
  3. レバーを牛乳からとりだし、小麦粉をまぶす


  4. タマネギを炒めてるフライパンにレバーを入れ中火で焼く


  5. ひっくり返して火がとおるまで焼いたら、カリカリするように火を強めてちょっとこがす


  6. ジャガイモの皮をむき、柔らかくなるまでゆでてお湯をすて、ジャガイモをつぶし、牛乳をいれまぜる
  7. 刻んだニンニクとマーガリンを味付け程度にいれて、フォークで空気をいれながら混ぜる(フォークで鍋を傷つけても気にしない。。)


  8. お皿にマッシュポテト、レバーとタマネギ、あっためたミックスベジタブルをのせ、その上にレンジでチンしたグレービーソースをどっぶりかければできあがり





When I got back to home, some pieces of raw liver were soaked in a milk tub.

Ron encountered a pack of fresh raw liver at Safeway and he was going to cook our dinner. He always teaches me some recipes from his mom by showing how to cook. I love his attitude,


Fresh raw liver, milk, flour, margarine, gravy (tin)
Onion, margarine
Potato, milk, garlic, margarine
Frozen mix vegetable 


  1. Soak pieces of liver with milk. Leave them at least 20minitues.
  2. Chop an onion and fry them with margarine(more amount is preferable)
  3. Remove the livers from milk and put some flour around them.
  4. Put the livers besides the chopped onion in the frying pan and fry them over medium heat between 4 -5.
  5. Flip them over and fry until cooked, then stir-fry so that it becomes crispy.
  6. Peel potatoes and boil them until softened. When potatoes are easy to be broken with a spoon, then drain them. Mush the potatoes, add some milk and whisk them.
  7. Put minced garlic and some margarine into 6 for flavor and whisk vigorously with fork until it is fluffy (you should NOT care if the pan will be scratched...)  
  8. Choose your favorite dish. Put mashed potato, fried liver and onion and heated-up mix vegetable in the serving dish. Serve gravy over the food. Now ready to eatJ


I have never wanted to eat the liver in Japan, but this liver Ron cooked yesterday was soften and good. I realized again that gravy is very important. He said this is $20 dish!!