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Captain Ron & Yoshi Cafe - Ham Sandwitch & Scalloped Potatoes









サイドのはずのスカラップポテト:新ジャガっぽいジャガイモ、タマネギ 2個、牛乳、チーズ いっぱい、小麦粉、好きな調味料




  1. ジャガイモを電子レンジで5分ほどチンして、5mm~1cmの幅にスライスする(薄いのと厚いのができるように)
  2. タマネギを薄く切り、フライパンで炒める
  3. 牛乳にチーズを入れあっためてチーズがとけたら、2のタマネギを入れて混ぜる


  4. 3があったまったら、小麦粉を入れて少しとろみをつける
  5. 耐熱鍋に4を流しいれ、スライスしたジャガイモを浸す
  6. チーズをさらにのせて、350℃(Bake)に予熱したオーブンに入れ、ぐつぐつしてきて表面に少し焼き色がついたら、温度を200℃くらいにおとして30分くらい置く


  7. 小さな入れ物にミラクルホイップ、マスタード、はちみつを適量入れて混ぜる
  8. パンをトーストし、7を塗る
  9. ハムを薄くスライスし、8に乗せパンでサンドイッチする


  10. 9の上にチーズをのせて、オーブンで焼き色がつくまで焼く
  11. お皿にやきあがったスカラップポテト、サンドイッチ、サラダをのせたらできあがり



    When I was wondering at evening “what I should cook today”, some small potatoes looked like new baby were on sale, which skin seemed eatable.

    Then I decided the dinner was to be scalloped potato.

    As usual, I didn’t know how to cook very nicely, then, I begged Ron the recipe.

    But He also didn’t remember exactly, so we tried cooking to create our recipe. During our conversation, I recalled that scalloped potato was side dish, not main.

    My Idea supper man Ron started making ham sandwiches with his original honey mustard. This spread or dip tastes marvelous!  Easy and tasty, I love itJ


    Ron said the scalloped potato was perfect and he had never tasted better than this. Only the negative point was plenty of cheese was needed for this…



    Scalloped potato (supposed to be as a side dish): small, soft skinned potatoes, 2of small onion, plenty of shredded cheese, milk, flour, favorite seasoning

    Ham sandwich: bread, ham, shredded cheese, miracle whip, mustard, honey

    SaladTomato, yellow pepper, carrot, beats


    1. Heat potatoes in a microwave for 5minites. Cut them into 5mm-1cm slices(make thin and thick)
    2. Slice onions and stair them in a pan.
    3. Put milk and shredded cheese in a small pan and heat them up until cheese is melt. Then put onion into it.
    4. When 3 is warm enough, put some flour to be thickened.
    5. Pour 4 into a casserole, soak sliced potatoes with it.
    6. Put some cheese on the top.  Put the casserole in the preheated oven around 350. When it is at a simmer and golden on the top, then decrease the heat at 200 and leave for about 30 minutes. 
    7. Prepare a small bowl, put miracle whip, mustard and honey and mix them up.
    8. Spread 7 on one side of each toasted breads.
    9. Slice ham very thin and put them onto breads of 8 clumpy(?) 
    10. Place the other bread to sandwich and put some cheese on the top. Put them in the oven until cheese is melt.
    11. Choose your serving dish; place scalloped potato, sandwich and salad on the dish. Smile each other, then ready to eat.