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Fish and Chips!


店内はきれいに窓際が埋まっていて、中央が開いている。壁際の席について、私はいつものAll You Can Eat, Ronさんはエビ。いつもなんのお魚かわからないけど、今日は衣が多かった。




We went to restaurant of Fish and Chips today.

It was my treat for Ron's Birthday. All You Can Eat is available from Monday to Wednesday, so today was the best to go.

At the restaurant, seats by the windows were all occupied and ones in the center were empty, we took a seat by wall. Ron ordered prawn dinner which is his favorite and I ordered All You Can Eat, off course. I don’t know what fish they used, the dish was plenty of deep fry batter. I hope he enjoyed, I off course enjoyed because it is a kind of atraction.