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それでもRonさんはやさしかった もやしと、パプリカとウォーターチェスナッツと何とかと何とかと何とかを入れれは15ドルくらいのに料理になるよ、とアドバイス。ほぼ別物になるけど。んっ?ウォーターチェスナッツ??そんなものがあるんだねえ、調べてみると「シログワイ」といって見た目は栗みたいだけど、根菜みたいだ。Ronさんよく知ってるねえ。


一方、お外ではハローウィンだったので、打ち上げ花火をやっている人たちがいた。友達レベルみたいな小規模&まちまち あんまり見えないわりには音はすごかった。空が、霧なのか煙なのかわからん。



I didn’t go out today.

I would go out to buy a monthly bus pass for November, but I was not able to make up my mind because it seemed something may happen this month. Then, I gave up buying a monthly pass, the total cost may be even or less. I didn’t go out, I didn’t anything at home, so I felt guilt, while Ron was working hard.


Because I didn’t go out, I didn’t buy canned pea soups which Ron’s favorite for his lunch. And the supper was to be something in the fridge, which was going to be a Yakisoba like food, using instant ramen.

I wanted to use a head of celery, so cut them and cut some carrots, minced meat and a sausage. I forgot to use yellow pepper. The noodle was moist, which was not good to be fried; I understood the supper cheap noodle was preferable. The taste should be salty.

The last time I cooked some sticks of celery salty, the touch was crunchy like bamboo shoots and I enjoyed it. But this time I tasted too much or ate a lot only celeries, which got me sick.


However, Ron was gentle. He advised me when I had put bean sprouts, pepper, water chestnuts, something and something, this dish would be $15 worth. It sounded like total changeover…but I felt his kindness.  Oh? Water chestnuts? What is that? I hadn’t heard that. Then asked Google teacher, it looks like a chestnut but is a root vegetable. I believe it is not a popular ingredient in Japan. Ron is knowledgeable.


Out of the window, some people were enjoying fireworks to celebrate? Halloween.  The each scale was small or individual level. We could not see the fireworks so much, but heard the noise too much. I wondered the something on the sky was fog or smoke.