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Yoshi Cafe - Midnight Snack; Taco and Fried Potatoes







On the way home from bible study, I tried to go to a grocery store, but it started raining and I gave up to do.

At night, I had no idea for snack for Ron, but ingredients were limited so I started cooking French fries. Last time I cooked and tried putting the oil into the oil container, some beadings attached on the lid of the pot dropped into the heated oil and it became so dangerous. This time I heated the oil up with the lid on. When the oil looked it might be ok, I put chop sticks into the oil.. 2 seconds later, some dangerous popping up started. I switched using the oil pot to a fling pan.

When Ron came back, he looked tired. And he said he felt cold in rolling up with his quilt. I hope he will recover today.


The fried potato before the Taco is a prop.