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Captain Ron Cafe - Bacon Wrapped Scallops & Fried Halibut







ホタテ 大4粒、ベーコン



    1. ベーコンを弱火で油がじわじわ出てくるまで焼く(出てきた油は取っておく)
    2. ホタテを食べやすい大きさに切る(今回は半分)

      お魚とホタテ ホタテは一個が大きい、4個で1200円くらい、高っ


  1. オーブンを350℃くらいに予熱する
  2. ホタテを焼いたベーコンで巻き、棒で刺す


  3. オーブンに入れて、片方10分くらいづつ焼く
  4. 小麦粉とビールを混ぜて、衣をつくり、お魚につける
  5. ベーコンの油を熱し(足りない分は適当な油を足す)、6を揚げ焼きにする
  6. サラダをつくる
  7. お皿に盛っていただきます




The other day, Ron had a big glossary shopping. Some of them were scallops and Halibut.
He said he had seen a bacon wrapped scallops at somewhere, which looked delicious and wanted to cook, and he also wanted to cook deep-fried fish as the restaurant does.


Ron said it was failure and he was disappointed..- The root cause was shortage of oil, which was my fault, because I had contaminated the oil for deep fry. Sorry Ron san. The fish, however, was good one, I enjoyed all of them



Scallops, bacon
Halibut, flour and beer for batter, oil from bacon and some oil for fry
lettuce, dressing



  1. Fry bacons until oil juice comes out (save the oil for fish)
  2. Cut scallops into one bite (in two this time)

Halibut and scallops, one scallop is big, it costs about $12 for 4. Expensive!!

  1. Preheat the oven about 350 degree
  2. Wrap the scallops with the bacon, then skewer them
  3. Put them in the oven, grill for 10min of each side
  4. Mix flour and beer to make batter. Coat the fish in the batter
  5. Heat the bacon oil (add another oil if necessary), fry the coated fish with the oil. (Unfortunately, most of the batter came off...)
  6. Make salad.
  7. Put all the food on your favorite dish. Ready to eat.

    Unfortunately, this dish was not very tasty...disappointed Ron ate little. So I have taken over all of them.
    I understand scallop of second day is better than the one hot and fresh, because of the touch and taste.