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Captain Ron Cafe - Greek Salad




フェタチーズ、きゅうり、プチトマト、普通のトマト、グリーンパプリカ、イエローパプリカ、紫タマネギ、ニンニクひとかけ、オリーブオイル、ホワイトビネガー、パルメザンチーズ、好きな調味料、塩、コショウ (なんで日本だとパプリカと呼ぶようになったんだろう)


  1. きゅうり、普通のトマト、パプリカ、タマネギをざく切りにして(ばらばらがいいらしい)、大きめの器に入れる
  2. プチトマトとみじん切りにしたニンニクを入れる
  3. オリーブオイルをたっぷりかけ、ホワイトビネガーをそこそこ入れて混ぜる
  4. フェタチーズをたくさん手でほぐして入れる


  5. パルメザンチーズ、好きな調味料、塩、コショウで味を調える
  6. 少しおいて、汁が下にたまってきたらOK



Since he has a bad stomach, Ron makes a greek salad for his bowel.
When he was much younger, he went to Greece and watched how to make greek sala. This time, he replicated the salad.
He said he made it almost perfectly, the taste for me was light taste and chrunchy. I mean good. He said it would be better the day after, so the seasoning penetrates.


Feta cheese, cucumber, mini tomato, tomato, green pepper, yellow pepper, purple onion, garlic, olive oil, white vinegar, parmesan cheese, your favorite seasoning, salt, pepper  ? Why do we Japanese call paprika for pepper?


  1. cut cucumber, tomato, peppers, onion coarsely and put them into a big plate
  2. put mini tomato and chopped garlic in the plate
  3. Put lots of olive oil and some white vinegar in and mix them
  4. Break the feta cheese by hands and put it in
  5. Put parmesan cheese, seasoning, salt and pepper
  6. Leave for a while until the juice comes out

    Ron cooks very nicely but always too much amount.