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Captain Ron & Yoshi Cafe - Easy Salad


すっかり忘れていたフェタチーズをのせ、真ん中にピーナッツソース、最後になんか振りかけてできあがり オーイエ―

この後、昔の彼女に教えてもらったというドレッシングがおいしかったので、今度教えてくれるといっていた オリーブオイル、ビネガー、トマト、ガーリック を混ぜるというのでやってみたら失敗 やる気になったときに教えてくれるらしい 



Ron was able to eat only soft or digest-well foods. He could eat though, but he would suffer for some reason.

He didn’t drink a fruit smoothie; he ate a chicken soup which we had frozen and a salad instead.

When I was in lost for set out of salad, the super Ron appeared to help me.
He used feta cheese which I totally had forgotten on the tops, places a peanut sauce in the middle, and finally sprinkled something. Now ready to serve. Oh my Ron.


After the set out, he said he remembered a dressing which his extra girl friend used to make was very tasty and he would tell me later.  The ingredients are olive oil, vinegar, tomato and garlic. It sounded easy, so I tried making and failed. He said he would teach me how to make when he was in the mood.