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Ron san is my everything.

I love you ron san, you're my everything.

On 2014, we first met. Since then, my misery, no hope life has dramatically changed. You always say you're old and i should find a new guy, but you are the only man for me and my meaning of life.  

God let me see you and know what is the happiness, so He is planing to let us be together for the rest of our life, that means CIC is going to grant our relationship in a couple of months.

I wait until your worries are vanished. Please feel free to talk to me as a good friend. I don't want you to feel any burden except communicating with me.

I love you as a friend if you prefer.
As i met your mother and promised her, i will see your last and take care. Please let me do.

Ron san, love you for ever.