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My Essay 4

 Two Main Reasons that I Like My Sister


Most people say that having siblings has some advantages, such as building relationships between each other and sharing common emotions. On the other hand, each person has their own character, sometimes completely opposite to the other. I have an older sister who is two years older and has at least two characteristics that I don’t have.

     First, she is a very kind and considerate person. Most teenagers experience a ‘rebellious stage’, however, she didn’t seem to have that from my point of view, while my rebellious stage era was awful. I was always frustrated with everything and my attitude was unendurable. I often visited her room and read her cherished comic books without her permission. Although she knew it and didn’t like it, she overlooked that for me. I thought that she hated me. One day, however, when she looked a picture of me and my dog, she said that I was lovely. I doubted my ears, then, I realized she was kind by nature and matured. I never saw her angry in her teenager era.

     Secondly, she is very diligent and keeps her routine that she sets. When she studied for an entrance exam, she decided to listen to radio lessons every day and accomplished the tasks, while I quit in 5 days. She graduated a national university with some certifications, while I quit the same university without learning anything. She likes travel and studies local languages before she goes, while I have no plan when I travel.

     Our relationship is not very close; We seldom see or phone each other like once a year, however, her existence relives me deep in my mind.

     She has a lot of good characteristics and these are the main reasons I love her most.