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My Essay 5

Office Clerk and Kitchen Crew  

Ordinary people have to work to live. Once you look for a job, the options vary.I have work experience in several businesses, and here are two completely opposite jobs.

First job I had was as an office clerk. I assisted legal and paralegal people at the Risk and Alliance Division in a computer company in Japan. I mostly worked on the computer, organizing the agreements and related documents both in paper and in electronic format. Furthermore, I checked the progress of agreements that my co-worker wanted me to monitor, and arranged to have management sign-off to execute agreements as soon as possible. I usually sat at my desk and communicated with other people mostly by email. And, I didn’t need to contact to customers directly. There were regular office hours; however, we were allowed to extend time as needed to complete tasks. In my off-duty, I studied by myself to try to catch up with the high-leveled people in the division. As a result, my skill increased a little; I believe that was the benefit.             

By contrast, another job I had was as kitchen staff at a soup restaurant in Vancouver. I mostly worked with knives, chopped vegetables, prepared meats, and occasionally, worked as a cashier. There were no chairs in the kitchen but cutting boards and lots of vegetables instead; we stood all day long except at breaks time. We communicated in person; we chatted and chopped. When customers came, we quickly responded to them face to face. The work hours were set; we went home exactly on the scheduled time, leaving the mess for the next worker to complete. One benefit was staff meal, because the all soups were mouth-watering.   

Over all, the office work was sitting job, the communications were indirect, working hours were flexible, and occasionally extra efforts were needed, whereas the kitchen work was a standing job, the communications were direct, working hours were set, and it didn’t require anything after work. In conclusion, these works contrast; however, the both have great fun and small treat in the end.