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My Essay 7

Married Life Brings Happy Relief


On the news or off the news, we see lots of incidents between couples regarding cheating on their partners or divorcing every day. Every time I saw the love-related cases on the news, I wondered why people get married just to make conflicts. Some couples argue every day and continue their cold marriage life just to keep their public image. Others commit a crime and even a murder by strong love-hate emotion or desire for money. And then they end up wasting their life for their partner not for themselves. They would be free if they didn’t get married. So, what is the point of marriage? Do they get married in order to divorce? That was my attitude to the marriage. However, my thought has been changed completely since I met my husband. I have experienced how happy to cook for my be-loved, work together, and stay together.     

            First, I realized the happiness to cook for someone. I am not willing to cook for myself. The dish only for me will be just rice with soy sauce and vegetables with no taste; however, I become happy to cook with a variety of ingredients for my husband to hear his word, “It is tasty!”.  Then my motivation gains momentum and my recipes develop. In addition, I enjoy the same nutritious meals to get me healthy. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

            Second, we clean up within the scope of each our abilities. I am not a dirty person, but neither am I a super tidy person; I would rather close my eyes on the place which requires certain maintenance such as moldy window edges and rotten window sills. My husband loves to tidy, so he does these mending as his mission. According to him, here in Canada, these maintenance jobs and sometimes cleaning bathroom are man’s jobs; that surprised me in a good way. We do large cleaning together to speed up the completion with less stress.

            Lastly, my husband stays with me every day; we are never lonely. We go shopping together, watch TV together and sleep together. Even though we seldom argue, his humor blows our issues out and makes us laugh. I have felt the importance of family physically and mentally, especially now in the pandemic of COVID-19. We have to stay at home as much as possible, which is stressful. If we lived alone, the isolation would eventually destroy our minds. As for me, touching him gives me a great relief.

            In conclusion, the marriage brings happiness as ours has been successful so far, I believe... Even though he knows my bad points and so do I know his, we have been getting along and feeling relieved. The beauty of marriage is the premise of eating, working and staying together and being happy.