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Paragraph 2

 The Breathtaking View from Our Window


            The scenery from our living room is kinetic and magnificent art. We see 180-degrees of ocean, islands and sky. The spectacular scenery begins at dawn and continues until dusk in a breathtaking show of nature. Just before sunrise, the sky releases nicely mixed colors of crimson red, creamy white and dark blue which shadow the snow capped mountain peaks of the coastal mountain range. The sky soon shifts the creamy, white, strong sunlight, shining on the mountains and then reflected off the ocean. Later, as the sun sets, the colors of the sky shift again, blending light pink, pastel blue and sometimes, imperial purple. On occasion, as a bonus, we see a faint rainbow or double rainbows, following short storms or rain. The view is outstanding, not only during day time, but also at night. The moon hovers over Quadra Island, and then slowly moves from east to west as the Earth rotates. The moonlight reflected off the surface of the ocean is simply breathtaking and celestial. It is a silent and deeply meaningful show. It is as if the world is asking you something unknown in your soul and in your mind. The spectacular view from our window is like a real time nature movie which combines all the harmony of colors and the beauty of natural dynamic art.