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My Essay 9



                                 Three Good Ways to Manage Stress


                People often say that rabbits die of grief or loneliness if left alone. Whether this is literally true or not, it shows that stress is a significant issue for all creatures. This includes humans, as well. We all have been under stress in one form or another since we were born. Babies cry when they feel uncomfortable or afraid. Adults feel some stress in basic social life. Old people feel stress from body pain and anxiety. In short, stress exists from birth until death from every living species. There are several kinds of stress; the three of main causes of stress are by work overloads, depression, and relationship conflicts. Fortunately, each type of stress can be relieved through different methods.

                 Most people feel extremely fatigued and stressed-out when they work at a full-time job and with overtime added and home chore after work, stress increases even more. To manage the heavy job loads, they try to get by with minimum sleep, such as two or three hours per a day. Then, their bodies lose balance. Life becomes awkward and sickly. Unbalanced bodies often dull the brain and demand extra nutrition. The best way to solve the problem is, of course, to go home early, get enough sleep and food. However, it’s sometimes difficult to do. Another way to release the stress is to eat comfort food, drink excessive amounts of alcohol to relax and induce a deep sleep in a short period of time. In addition, exercise is an asset; even small amounts can be effective in stimulating your bodies’ recovery. Exercise such as stretching and fast walking can help as well. Stress is related to body condition.

                 Depression is one further type of stress. This type of stress is caused the pressure and sadness. People under big pressure often hold onto stress by themselves inside. Too much stress may cause unusual and complicated diseases such as cancers and strokes. To release stress, humor and laughing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways. You can turn on your TV, set it to your favorite comedy channel and laugh as much as possible. Laughing reduces your stress levels dramatically, and can make a big difference to mental health. Even with a brief moment of humor, your brain knows you are smiling and enjoying life again. Once you recall how to smile and laugh, you are ready to confront current and new pressure with a fresh view point. Another serious mental issue is depression stress caused by sadness. This depression is very difficult to overcome; many people die each year from suicide unless they are helped. However, crying can often bring a relief to your mind. It is said that the tear drops of depression contain more proteins than normal. People often say that they become clear-mind after crying, and yet they don’t know why. I have experienced this relief in the same way. I strongly recommend crying to everyone because tears seem to wash away stress when you are stuck in a period of tough times.

                 A third type of stress is caused by relationship conflicts. This happens everywhere: at home, at the work place, with neighbours, and sometimes with relatives. For instance, at work, your co-worker who should possess common sense does not. He/she does a messy job without concern. This can irritate everyone enormously. Your neighbours who live in their own little worlds and persist on pressing their own ideas on everyone can be very frustrating for everyone. In cases such as these, imagine some TV anime characters with strong personalities, apply these characters to your troublesome neighbours, and observe them as a viewer. This method is very effective because you are watching TV anime characters become the neighbour. Soon, you will find yourself enjoying in both reality and a TV show at the same time.

                 In conclusion, we encounter stressors every day, so, we need to get control of the problems that create the stress. Stress caused by rushed life style can be often solved with efficient sleep, food and drink. You may escape from depression by changing your thinking and focusing on recovery. Relationship conflicts can often be solved by observing and actions. Stress is unpreventable; however, we can at least minimize the effects of it by addressing and solving underlining causes. These solutions can help us find and enjoy a better life.