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Summary of "The Agiing Eye"


In the essay, “The Aging Eye”, the author asserts that older eyes cause some significant problems and how the periodic eye examination for the early treatments is important. It begins by introducing how our eye’s functions age and what good eyesight is.  Then, it explains the major aged eyes troubles and the symptoms. It also suggests the best avoidance and the treatment to the problems. Presbypia gives you less focus on near objects. Reading glasses or bifocals are effective on this. Floaters is seen tiny, moving, dark spots. This eye problem is not fixable; however, it needs some treatment when it behaves unusual way. Watery or Dry eyes comes with extra or fewer tear. When these problems happen, the patient needs to see an eye physician for prompt treatment. Cataract generates a white cloud on eye’s lense. It is mostly fixed by surgery. Glaucoma comes from excessive water pressure on eyes. It needs a prompt treatment to stop the progress. When it is found late, it is too late to stop. The most important action to avoid this disease is to take a regular professional eye check by two years. The author concludes that most vision problems can be treated by regular eye examination and proper eyeglasses or bifocals. So the author recommends that seeing an eye physician once a year is important especially for people over the age of 40.