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Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless me to have opportunities of living with Ron san in peace.
Thank you so much.


I love you, Ron san. Love you, I do love you.
I can't live without you, because your existence has brougt me emotion which i had never had before i met you. Just I love you.

Dear Ron san,

I love you. We are husband and wife, that will not be changed. I don't think I can live the rest of my life without you. I don't think so, You let me know what the happiness is, and to love someone so much. Thank you and Love you so so much. 

Just Love you for ever.


Thank you for letting me see Ron san and feel happiness that i had never felt before I met Ron san. I am going to love him through my whole life, because he is the only man for me.  I do hope to be together with him for rest of our life.

Thank you.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you.

I was wondering something last night.
Thank you for letting me know the love for ron san. I hadn't known what the love is  before metting him.

The book barbara gave me tells to put You first.
Then, I have been confused that you taught me to love someone which to give my love first. 

How do people love someone after you? The love for You and for someone are different kind or level?


Ron san,

I want to enjoy cooking and eating with you. miss you.

Dear Father,

Thank you for these days, I may have been getting opportunities.
Dear Father, please guide me so that i will know which way to take.
Dear Father, i am not sure a lot just let me say thank you.
I hope this helps us happy life together.


Ron san,

I love you and want see you soon, early next year?

Thank you Load.

Dear heavenly Father,

Thank you for letting me see ron san.
I am sorry it's all my thing and hope, please give me a good job to save money in order to live with ron san soon. but i have been so depressed these days and need your help.


Dear my ron san,

I love you, let's wait that cic is going to send us a comfirmation letter of our common law status.