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M Paragraph 1

Three Kinds of Hair


Most People have to take care of their hair every day. Even people who don’t have hair any more have experience. Is there any issue with your hair or do you get along with it? There are three types of hair that people have. The first type is Caucasian hair. The characters of this type are thin, wavy, fluffy and mostly light color. The form of each hair is oval; they say that the more oval hair is, the wavier and curlier it becomes. The advantage, I think, is it looks light. For example, my husband is Scottish Canadian, and his hair is very thin and light colored. When his hairs are on the floor, they blend with the furniture; he is hardly to be blamed due to his hair falling in cleaning matter. The next type is Black people’s hair. The characteristics are fine, curly, voluminous and black color. The form of each is flat ellipse. The hair is very curly and easily entangled, so people need special care to keep it tidy, like creams, chemicals, and dread hair. With those extra efforts, they are able to wash once a week on average. Instead of those troublesome cares, their hair styles are very cool. The last type is Asian hair. Their hair is thick, straight and dark brown or black color. The form is round, and the diameter is 1.5times as thick as the other types; around 0.08mm. The density is 1.6 times less as the others; 250 hair/sq cm. I am Japanese and have this type of hair. The straight hair is easy to handle, especially after showering, easy to comb, and hardly tangles. The disadvantage is when my hair on the floor, my husband detects it easily and asks me to clean up! I wish I could have Caucasian hair, however, people’s hairs are designed by DNA. So no matter what kind of hair you have, lovely or annoying, you have to deal with it.