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Captain Ron Cafe - Poached Egg



トーストにのせてエッグベネディクト Ronさんハニーマスタード添え





It is Ron’s day-off today.

Ron somehow got up early and suddenly started Ron’s cooking lesson, a poached egg which he doesn’t like very much…why..I will not cook later because it is not his taste.

During the lesson, he notices a dirty place under the sink and started cleaning. He goes his way.

He cooked crispy bacons, fried potatoes with the beacon juice and steamed eggs in a good big pot which he had bought at a used store. Because I played a game, I didn’t take care of the eggs and made them in vain.

Egg benedicts; Overcooked eggs on toast with Ron’s original honey mustard.


Even though I had eaten big breakfast made of leftovers, I enjoyed this dish. After that I had a nap with Ron..I am on a chubby ladder.