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Captain Ron Cafe - Chicken Kiev Best Dish Ever!









  1. Ronさんにとりをおろしてもらう



    一番したのささみみたいなのが、一番柔らかいとことらしい ここは明日使いましょう


  2.  むね肉に薄切りハム、チーズをのせ、ガーリック、グリーンオニオンのみじん切りと、ブルーチーズを少々のせて、巻く


  3. 巻けたら串で刺して固定する アルミの容器にオリーブオイルをしき、とりをのせて、上からオリーブオイル、パルメザンチーズや好きな調味料を振りかける


  4. オーブンで焼く 下から(Bake)で350℃


  5. お皿にマッシュポテトの上にグレービーをのせ、まわりをケチャップで囲み、パセリをのせる
  6. 火がとおったらお皿に乗せて、できあがり

    そして、ブルーチーズはほんのちょっとしか入れていないのに、いい味になっていました 本当においしかった^^



Once upon a time, In Ron & Yoshi’s fridge, there was an uncooked chicken.
The chicken was bought for chicken soup, but now for soup and a chicken dish.

The Ron's butchering show started! Ron is an excellent butcher, he separated each parts very easily. He said he had used to go to a butcher school when he was young. I was moved he is full of history either good thing or bad thing.

This dish was the best chicken dish ever. Really nice, so tasty, because he used uncooked chicken? I don’t know.


A uncooked chicken, ham, cheeses, a pinch of blue cheese, garlic and green onion, olive oil, vegitable
mashed potato, gravy sauce, ketchup, pacely



  1. Ask Ron san to butcher a chicken

The piece of chicken like sasami at the bottom of the picture below is the most tender, he said.  We have saved them for tomorrow.

  1.  Put sliced ham. Cheeses on the Chicken breast, put a pinch of garlic, green onion, blue cheese on the top. Then roll them and skewered with a stick.
  2. Prepare an alminium container and put some olive oil into it. Put the skewered chicken in the container.  Put some olive oil, parmesan cheese, some your favorite seasoning on it. 
  3. Bake them in the oven at 350 degrees, check them occasionally to bathe olive oil on the top.
  4. Put mashed potato on a dish. Put gravy sauce on it and circle by ketchup. Put some green.  When the chicken roll is cooked, put the dish. Ready to enjoy.
    This dish is so so so so tasty with excellent juice. A pinch of blue cheese works well. I really, really enjoyed it!!  Thank you Ron san.